Powerful Business Coaching

Business coaching to increase sales, profits and cash flow

For most people, working with a business coach is a pleasant enough experience. Coaches tend to be engaging, and decent company.

The challenge is few coaches have ever run a business, outside their own coaching practice. So while they might have the “coach” part of their role nailed, the “business” part of the term “business coach” is something they often have little experience in.

Coaches like to say a qualified coach can coach anything. But ask yourself, how many Premier League goalkeeping coaches do you see showing business owners how to make more money? And how come leadership coaches with an HR background don’t get taken on to show NFL quarterbacks how to throw more accurately? Not many, right?

Are there some superficial similarities which work for most coaching roles? Well, around the edges, of course there are. But at a deep level, all those functions are very different, especially if you want your clients to achieve top-drawer results.

The reality is you need specific experience in the role you’re coaching for…and coaching qualifications and experience…to deliver for your clients at the highest level.

Prior to setting up Bottom Line Business Coaching, I ran businesses ranging in size from a handful of employees, up to 1,000 employees. I’ve grown businesses fast – doubling and tripling sales in just a couple of years. And I’ve transformed bottom line profits, saving up to 56% in costs while increasing factory output.

Oh, and I got my first coaching qualification about 20 years ago as well.

Business Coaching That Gets Results

For business coaching that delivers results fast, work with a coach who understands what it’s like to run a fast-growing business as CEO, as well having 20+ years’ coaching experience.

A great place to start is by checking out our flagship programmes. Each delivers, from a different perspective, what you need as a business owner…more sales, profits and cash flow. Ideally as fast as possible.

  • Power Cycle Coaching – an innovative, fast-paced approach to doubling, tripling or 10x-ing your sales and profits
  • Executive Coaching – 1:1 support for business owners working through a major challenge, or trying to land a major opportunity
  • Smarter Cost Cutting – showing business owners how to save six and seven-figure sums in their business to increase profits, provide funds for investment or boost the value of their business prior to sale or retirement

For more information, check out the links above.

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