Executive Coaching

Executive coaching clearly benefits the person at the top of the organisation who receives the coaching.

But everyone else in the business benefits too. The new skills, attitudes and approaches a business owner or senior executive develops in a coaching relationship cascades down through the organisation until everyone feels the impact, and reaps the benefits.

That “multiplier effect” is what gives executive coaching a bigger positive impact on your business than just about anything else you could do.

The return on investment is huge because everyone in the business benefits. And results tend to stick – even for people who didn’t receive any coaching directly – because those new ways of working percolate through the business and quickly become embedded .

Why me?

I’m an experienced boardroom executive who has delivered in CFO, CEO, Chairman and Non-Executive Director roles for over 25 years.

I did my first coaching training almost 20 years ago because I saw the potential to make huge improvements in the business I ran at the time, just by making small changes to what I did…thanks to the multiplier effect of coaching across the business.

Coaching is a great way to develop people.

But while subject matter expertise is less important when coaching junior employees, where a lot of the issues that come up are basic enough that just about anyone should be able to coach them, for executive coaching you really need to have significant experience in senior executive roles to fully understand the pressures of that environment.

Well-meaning people without that boardroom experience can easily take you down the wrong path because they don’t fully understand the commercial, strategic and governance issues involved in running a business.

Why take the risk? Make sure you work with someone who knows how the “executive” part of that equation works, as well as the “coaching” part, if you want to make sure your executive coaching delivers results.

Why now?

In some organisations, when you get to a certain level the HR department organises an executive coach for you, whether you want one or not, as part of your personal development. It’s a status symbol, like a corner office or a new car, that people like to boast about to their peers.

If that’s the position you’re in, please don’t contact me.

I’m in the business of helping business owners and senior executives make significant improvements in their business, not ticking a box for someone in the HR department.

On the other hand, if you have a big opportunity to land, a major problem to solve or a big change to make to your organisation, and would like to explore how executive coaching helps deliver the results you want, we should talk.

Odds are I’ve been where you are right now. If I haven’t, I’ve almost certainly been on the other side of the table as a CFO, CEO or Chairman, so I know what the world looks like from over there. (And, in fact, understanding what’s going on over the other side of the table is sometimes the secret to getting what you want.)

Your short-cut to success

Provided you choose your executive coach wisely, and make sure they have the boardroom experience to support you, executive coaching can deliver significant benefits – both to you and the rest of your organisation.

However, every executive coaching relationship is very personal. You don’t just need to work with someone who “knows their stuff”. You need someone you enjoy working with, but who also pushes you to achieve more and holds you to account, without being obnoxious, at the same time.

And it’s got to work both ways. I only work with clients I believe will use the powerful tools I share with them wisely.

The only way for both of us to know if the relationship is right is to see how we work together.

So, for a limited time, I’m gifting a small number of Executive Strategy Sessions to people who want to experience what working together would feel like.

This isn’t a sales call, a PowerPoint presentation, or heaven forbid a webinar where I talk at you for an hour or two. It’s a genuine real-life executive coaching session that delivers real benefits to you and your business.

During our time together, I’ll help you uncover the biggest opportunities for your business, identify what’s getting in your way right now, and set out a 90-day plan to deliver significant improvements in yourself and your business.

A one-off session with me normally costs £495. But, provided you qualify, you get all the benefits of a full executive coaching session without charge as my gift to you.

What to do now

You either like the sound of this or you don’t.

If you don’t, thanks for stopping by. It’s been good to meet you, however briefly.

If you do like the sound of this, and would like to explore how executive coaching can help you and your business achieve everything you always dreamed of and more, here’s what to do.

There’s a brief application to fill in (five short questions – takes 2 minutes or less). We’ll review your application and, provided you qualify, get in touch to organise your Executive Strategy Session.

There’s no cost for your Executive Strategy Session. And during our time together identify the opportunities ahead for you, and develop a plan to make them a reality. With only upside to our time together, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sound good?

Then hop on over to the link below for your own personal one-to-one Executive Strategy Session before they all get booked up. Places are limited and available by application only.

Link to apply right here ==> Your Executive Strategy Session.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Alastair Thomson
Founder, Bottom Line Business Coaching

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