Power Cycle Coaching

Power Cycle Coaching is the fast way to build sales, profits and cash flow for your business.

Most business owners want more sales, profits and cash flow, of course. But, especially in a fast-growing business with ambitions for the future, that’s easier said than done.

Because most businesses need more cash the more they grow, business owners often end up either giving away a stake in their business or taking on more debt so they can to build the business of their dreams.

Yet there is a way to generate extra sales, profits, and cash flow in your business…without outside investors or extra borrowing.

You see, there are some “internal bank vaults” hidden inside your business. Opportunities to capitalise on. Blocks to making progress which can be removed. New sources of sales, profits and cash flow to discover.

Unlock those and you can build your business without giving away a stake in it or taking on fresh debt. You can put your business on a sounder financial footing…have the cash to invest in new people, equipment and machinery…or just enjoy a better lifestyle.

Best of all, results start coming through in 90 days or less with our unique Power Cycle Coaching methodology.

How do results like these sound?

I don’t yet know enough about your business to tell you precisely what your results would be, but here are some of the results I’ve delivered in the past:

==> Doubled sales in two years for a heavy-duty manufacturing business

==> Doubled sales in three years for a technology-led B2B service provider

==> Trebled sales in three years for an executive education and training business

==> Reduced unit costs by 56% in under 12 months

==> Reduced operating costs by 39% in 18 months

==> Bid for, won, and delivered major business deals worth up to £78 million (about $100 million)

==> Won a host of national and international awards for quality, service and innovation

Imagine your business three times the size it is today…with unit costs 56% lower. You’re reliably winning $100 million contracts. And the trophy cabinet in your boardroom is full.

What would that do to your income, your cash flow, and the value of your business?

Not to mention the things you could do for your family and your community with a bigger, more profitable, cash-rich business.

Of course, your results may vary. And your business objectives may be different…which is great.

That’s because Power Cycle Coaching is a bespoke process to deliver your specific needs, not a cookie-cutter solution that gets hawked around from one business to the next with only a quick name change on the PowerPoint presentation between pitch meetings.

Cutting to the bottom line

The sad truth is most cookie-cutter solutions don’t work. Research by top consulting firm McKinsey found that 70% of change management programmes fail, mostly because standard solutions are implemented instead of recognising the unique circumstances of each business.

You might even have come across one or two of those cookie-cutter solutions in the past.

But ask yourself – how many of those “solutions” delivered the results they promised? Real bottom line results, that is, not a few irrelevant metrics plotted on a chart with a line that goes up and far enough to the right to claim the project has been delivered.

If you’re like most business owners, the answer is “not many”.

It’s not your fault. The multibillion dollar consulting industry makes enormous profits through convincing business owners they have a “magic solution” which cures every problem. They’re very skilful at waving around charts, graphs, and what they laughingly call “research”, to make their “magic solution” seem like a dead cert.

Except it’s dead in the water more often than it’s a dead cert.

At Bottom Line Business Coaching we take a different tack. Fundamentally, we believe three things:

==> First, that the best way to improve your sales, profits and cash flow is to work on your sales, profits and cash flow…not on whatever “next big thing” some fancy consultancy wants to sell you today.

==> Second, that the chances of some cookie-cutter standardised solution working are so low, you might as well use whatever you would have paid for them to fund a trip to the gaming tables of Las Vegas. That won’t make your business any better either, but it’ll be a lot more fun than sitting through yet another PowerPoint presentation from a team of consultants.

==> And third, that the fastest way to affect massive, rapid change in any business is through a one-to-one coaching relationship with the business owner or chief executive. Nobody else in the organisation has the authority and breadth of perspective across the organisation. And nobody else can move fast enough to take advantage of the Power Cycle Methodology.

Turbo-charge your results

Important though our bottom line focus is, that’s only part of the story. The speed at which those results are delivered is at least as important…maybe more important.

So, our Power Cycle Methodology has been designed to turbo-charge your results and accelerate the impact on your bottom line.

With Power Cycle Coaching, we apply maximum focus to solve a single issue at a time – really solve it for good, not just patching it together well enough with chewing gum and sticking plaster to run a bit better than it used to.

Then we move on to the next one, and the next one, until you’re firing on all cylinders right across the business…growing fast, outpacing your competition, and freeing up increasing amounts of internally-generated cash flow to fund your continued growth.

Let’s face it, landing 100% of your biggest opportunity is going to make a much bigger difference to your bottom line than 100 improvement projects, each only 1% complete.

The difference for you and your business between just being busy (100 projects, each 1% complete) and delivering real impact on your bottom line (1 big opportunity, 100% complete) is enormous.

What to do now

Because Power Cycle Coaching is a bespoke approach, specific to your business and your needs, it’s impossible to say much more about how we could help you achieve results like those above without knowing more about your ambitions and your business.

So the best way to tell if Power Cycle Coaching is right for you is to book a free Power Cycle Strategy Session.

As a one-off session, that normally costs £495, but for a limited time, we’re gifting a Power Cycle Strategy Session to a select few people who want to know how they could grow their business fast and make more money.

During your personal one-to-one Power Cycle Strategy Session, we’ll look at your business, identify the best opportunities for a dramatic growth in sales, uncover what’s holding you back at the moment, and explore ways to reduce your operating costs to deliver more sales, higher profits, and better, more reliable, cash flow.

To get started, we just need some brief details (5 short questions – takes two minutes or less), and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve reviewed your application.

Provided you qualify, there is no charge for a Power Cycle Strategy Session, but spaces are strictly limited, and sessions are by application only. Please note, however, that Power Cycle Coaching is exclusively for business owners and chief executives.

Don’t delay. In as little as 90 days you could be seeing more sales, more profits and more cash flow for your business.

The link you need to get started is ==> Your Power Cycle Strategy Session.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Alastair Thomson
Founder, Bottom Line Business Coaching

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